Which is India’s first web series?

Which is India’s first web series? India’s first web series is considered to be “Aap Ki Adalat,” which premiered in 1992 on the Rediff.com website. It was a talk show format hosted by Rajat Sharma and is often credited as being one of the earliest examples of original online content in India.

I apologize for any confusion earlier. “Aap Ki Adalat” is actually not considered a web series. The concept of web series as we understand it today, especially in terms of original scripted content produced specifically for online platforms, emerged much later.

The first Indian web series is generally attributed to “Permanent Roommates,” created by The Viral Fever (TVF) and released on YouTube in 2014. This series gained significant popularity and helped establish the web series format in India. It was followed by other successful web series like “Pitchers” (2015) also by TVF, which further popularized the genre.

These series were pivotal in establishing the web series industry in India, paving the way for numerous other productions across various platforms.

In “Permanent Roommates,” the main actors were:

  1. Sumeet Vyas as Mikesh Chaudhary
  2. Nidhi Singh as Tanya Nagpal

They played the central characters around whom the storyline revolved. Their performances were widely appreciated and helped in establishing both of them as prominent figures in the Indian web series scene.

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